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With high integrity, We serve the needs of IT wholeheartedly

By prioritizing on customer satisfaction, we keep our commitment to provide solutions in the field of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) to oversee the growth of business enterprises in Indonesia.


“Ensuring your company to have a good strategy in answering the needs of company and overseeing your future business process.”

Aside of knowing the need, you must also know the transformation of the technology. In the same time, you should be cautions because improper handling of technology will negatively affect and disturb the business process of your company itself.

With our undoubtedly over 15 years experience of managing and providing solutions for Semen Indonesia Group, PT SISI has great people who are very capable to be problem solvers for your company.

 With our competency, PT SISI is able to give consultation in the area of :


Identify the needs of IT in your company by analyzing the condition of company’s business process. Through this process, you will understand what is the exact need of your business.

Development and Implementation

We can give the best advice based on our experience regarding development and implementation of new system in your company.


When the system has run, we will make sure that you have the best control of the system itself. The aim of this activity is to protect your company business from any negative impact in the future.


“Providing end to end business service from designing, developing, until managing IT of your company.”

Why we should take the offer? It will be beneficial in :
correct-symbol (1)  Reducing the company expanse and minimizing the loss of your company from improper IT handling
correct-symbol (1)  Reducing human resource and the inventory cost
correct-symbol (1)  Increasing the efficiency

IT Operational Support

With limited human resources, the company’s management has enough task to analyze the business and plan about the future strategy of the company. Therefore we will provide the best IT technicians to control and manage your company’s IT operations.

Seat Management

Accommodating the needs of IT, such as hardware and software, for all staffs and management. with periodical maintenance and system update.

Call Center

Good service is the most important thing in the industrial world. Call center into a media liaison in providing solutions to customer’s problems. Using centralized call, we will manage incidents, service requests, and handles communication with user as fast as possible.


“Providing the best service for client is an obligation for us.”

IT becomes one of the most important part of the company. As the core of the business services, the company should be able to maximize it. Providing the best service for client is an obligation for us.

We will be the best problem solver for your company in the area of:

Customer Software Solution

Mobile Application (Android /iOS)

Web Application

Native Application

Security, Infrastructur & Network integration

Data Center

Network Architecture

Wireless System

Application Implementation Partner

Microsoft product


“We will provide you an application as a service which company doesn’t need to do maintenance and update the application.”

FORCA ERP is the best solution to solve your ICT problems. Designed to integrate all parts of the company’s business, FORCA ERP will help in improving your business performance.

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Finding the right product at the right price is a crucial matter for efficiency and the ease of business company. Sometimes, the company has to wait too long to get the appropriate product.

In line with this, we come as your company’s best partner in the provision of hardware and software to support the company’s business performance.


You can give trust us to provide hardware such as laptop, printer, monitor and other IT equipment from any prominent brand. Your company will get a high quality hardware with minimum price.


We maximize the utilization of software to simplifying the businesss process. With our good relation with principle and distributor, we can provide software such as antivirus, renewal lisence, and software lisence from trusted distributor and principle.

“Armed with 15 years of experience in managing and providing solutions to Semen Indonesia Group, our capabilities that we have is qualified and reliable to bring your company to the next level.”